Why Puerto Rico’s Attractive as a Tax Haven?

Bloomberg shares Barry Breeman, Caribbean Property Group Cofounder, discusses the tax laws in Puerto Rico and the push to make the commonwealth a tax haven. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”…


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Brush Up on The Puerto Rico Act 20 – The Export Services Act

The government of Puerto Rico introduced Act 20, along with Act 22(the Individual Investors Act, Ley 22, which applies to individuals) on January 17, 2012, with the goal of boosting…

Puerto Rico Expands Tax Haven Deal For Americans To Its Own Emigrants

Puerto Rico turns to tech and entrepreneurialism to revitalize the economy

Residency Requirements for Export Services

There’s a lot of information available that explains the Bona Fide residency requirements for your Act 22 decree, such as being present in Puerto Rico for 183 days of the…

In Depth With ACT 20 “Export Services”

Top 5 Benefits of Doing Business in Puerto Rico

Understanding Transfer Pricing Studies in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s status as a US commonwealth and the various tax incentives if offers, like Act 20 for Export Services, make it particularly attractive for US entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create businesses…